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  Meianda international logistics(www.mand56.com)Founded in 2012,it is a cross-border e-commerce logistics service provider dedicated to improving logistics efficiency and customer experience,and has provided safe,efficient,value-added and multi-channel logistics services for more than 6000 e-commerce sellers.Provide high-quality cross-border logistics solutions for many cross-border e-commerce platform merchants(such as eBay,wish,Amazon,express express,Dunhuang,etc.).

  MEDA international logistics has reached strategic cooperation with international logistics carriers such as China Post,Hongkong Post and four international express delivery giants.By integrating international logistics resources and providing safe,efficient and fast logistics services,the company has become a benchmark enterprise in the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry.We recommend cross-border logistics service providers.

  Since the establishment of meianda international logistics for six years,the company attaches importance to the construction of talent team,the application of science and technology,and continuous development and innovation.Through continuous optimization of operation process,reduce customer logistics cost,improve logistics after-sales service,so as to win the trust and praise of customers.We have a modern logistics operation center and advanced logistics management system,which can seamlessly connect with various e-commerce platforms and third-party software,and fully realize the systematic management of logistics operation(perfect docking with more than ten foreign trade ERP systems such as Tongtu,mangao store manager,shop secretary,small boss,Puyuan,etc.).The company has formulated strict operation procedures and detailed warehouse management standards in terms of operation and service,so as to ensure the safety,smoothness and control of each link of the logistics supply chain.

  Meianda international logistics will adhere to the service spirit of"integrity,efficiency,loyalty and professionalism",take meeting customer demand as its own responsibility,provide high-quality service for customers as the purpose,and all partners win-win as the purpose,provide high-quality cross-border e-commerce logistics solutions for customers and platforms,realize win-win development with customers and create value.

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