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Address:a105-a107,Linshang center,No.7,8th Street,Pengxi new village,Helong street,Baiyun District,Guangzhou

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Warehousing, packing and delivery service

Our company for the convenience of small 

and medium-sized foreign trade sellers and

 overseas students,overseas Chinese,provide

In China--receiving goods,warehousing,

packaging,delivery and a series of capabilities

The special service.


Collection warehouse address:

Yiwu warehouse:a01-a05,1st floor,building 56,Lingyun 1 District,Yiwu City,Jinhua City

Guangzhou warehouse:No.2 Yiheng Road,chentian South Street,yunhuangshi East Road,Baiyun District,Guangzhou

Shenzhen warehouse:No. 108-109,building a,quansen Qichuang Park,yuanfen Industrial Zone,Longhua New District,Shenzhen City

Zhengzhou warehouse:No. 1706,Zhongyuan commercial city,Youai Road,Zhongyuan District,Zhengzhou City


Basic services

Serial numberservice content


1Receiving ExpressOnly the door-to-door delivery is accepted, and the package is not accepted. We are not responsible for the damage of the goods during express delivery.Free Admission
2Count the quantityCount the number of products in the package with independent packaging, and do not count the products in the sealed package.Free Admission
3Package and distribute small package productsAccording to the orders submitted by customers in the system, the goods are distributed, packaged and delivered.3 yuan / ticket
4FBA product packaging and labelingOnly FBA warehousing goods, only internal label labeling and package goods

1 yuan / ticket

5Express products package and deliveryAccording to customer demand, print invoice, fill in waybill and send to international express.4 yuan / ticket (if additional packing materials such as cartons are needed, the cost will be calculated separately). 20kg and above, 4 yuan / piece.
6Storage feeIf there is an order within 30 days (including 30 days), the storage fee will be free; if it is more than 30 days, the storage fee will be charged at half price; if it is more than 60 days, it will be charged at half price; if it is more than 60 days, it will be charged at full price.

Ordinary parts: 0.1 yuan / piece / day

Extra large: 0.2 yuan / piece / day

7Overseas return processing feeThe customer shall be free of charge within five days (including five days) from the date of receiving the notice. If the handling opinions are not given within five days, the fees will be charged on the sixth day.0.5 yuan / piece / day


Personalized service

Serial numberservice contentexplainPrice
1No delivery detailsFailed to fill in the delivery details form of Chuangyu4 yuan / ticket 
2No system deliveryWe didn't use the logistics delivery system provided by our company to place an order. We need the help of our staff to place an order4 yuan / ticket 
3Second unpacking and assemblingIt is necessary to separate and repack the received products, or combine multiple packages into one package.4 yuan / ticket 
4Super large packageThe total length of the three sides of the product package is more than 90cm, or the length of one side is more than 60cm.4 yuan / ticket 
5Fragile packingThe customer proposes fragile products that need additional wrapping protection.4 yuan / ticket 
6Photo checkAccording to the angle and the number of photos required by customers, take photos and check the received products.1 yuan / piece
7Inventory check feeAccording to the customer's requirements, inventory the products.1 yuan / piece
8Shipment return

Packaging and operating costs of products to be returned.

Less than 10 kg, 10 yuan / time; more than 10 kg, 1 yuan / kg.

The packing fee of fragile goods is 15 yuan / box

1 yuan / kg


Requirements for warehousing parts:

1.Totally enclosed.

2.In band electrical products need to meet the requirements of air transportation and be in power-off state.

3.Fragile products with no package,less package and still unable to meet the package delivery requirements through the package bubble bag will be sent back to the customer free of return operation fee."

4.The cut-off time for distribution and packing is 9:00-17:00.Orders received after 17:00 should be handled on the same day as much as possible,but the shipment cannot be guaranteed on the same day.

5.The above rates will be implemented from the date you receive the form.

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