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  1、General regulations on package of express delivery in international transportation:

  1.The packing of goods shall be firm,intact and light,and shall be able to prevent package breakage,leakage and loss of contents during transportation.

  2.The shape of the package shall be suitable for the nature,condition and weight of the goods,and shall be convenient for handling,loading and unloading and stacking.

  3.The packaging of goods and animals,such as fresh and perishable goods,carried under specific conditions shall meet the specific requirements for each cargo.

  4.For extra small express goods(such as small sample),it is necessary to add a certain volume of wooden cases or cartons(with padding,etc.),after packaging,the total volume of the whole express goods shall not be less than 40cm,and the smaller side shall not be less than 5cm.

  5.The advanced materials(such as sawdust and paper scraps)in the package shall not be leaked.

  6.If the packing of the goods does not meet the requirements,the consignor shall be required to modify or repack the goods before shipment.

  2、Special packaging requirements for some goods:

  *Pianos,ceramics,handicrafts and other heavy or valuable items should be packed in wooden cases.

  1)The United States,Canada,Australia,New Zealand and other countries have strict regulations on unprocessed logs or log packaging,which need to be fumigated in the original exporting country and present the recognized fumigation certificate before the importing country can accept the import of goods.Otherwise,the goods will be returned to the original country.

  2)According to the European regulations on the wooden packaging of pine trees,the Quarantine Bureau of the original exporting country is required to show the goods when they are imported:no pest proof.

  3)The processed wooden furniture need not be fumigated.

  *Daily life commonly used goods such as books,appliances,etc.can be self packed in strong cartons,and easy to do moisture-proof treatment.

  *Fragile items are easy to fill with things to avoid damage.

  4)If conditions permit,a layer of waterproof materials(such as plastic bag,cloth,etc.)should be laid in the carton.

  *In a packing box,the light and heavy articles should be placed reasonably for easy handling.

  *The fortress in the box is full of filling materials,which can be filled with toilet paper,paper towel,small clothes,etc.,so as to prevent the articles in the box from being damaged due to mutual overturning and collision during the moving process.

  *Liquid cargo.5-10%space should be left inside the container,and the cover should be flat and tight;no leakage is allowed.

  *Powder goods.The powder shall not leak out.

  *Fragile,fragile goods.The gross weight of a single piece of goods should not exceed 25kg.Multi level packaging,suspension packaging,anti inversion packaging and glassware packaging can be used.

  3、Precautions for packaging:

  1.If the product is small in size and not easy to be damaged during transportation,the express company will provide packaging bags.

  We must use our own package in the package provided by the express company,and attach the list of product description,or fill in the information that needs to be noted in the form of tag.For example,the model number,material and price of the product are convenient for the buyer to check.

  2.If it is a relatively large volume of products,the express company will provide free cartons.

  Due to the increase of volume and weight,the freight will increase relatively.Therefore,the use of space should be taken into account when packing,and the appropriate size of cartons should be selected.If necessary,cartons can be cut.

  3.Although the express company will assist us in packing,before the express company comes to pick up the goods,we should be fully prepared by ourselves.

  For example,add a bridge board-cardboard to the closure of the carton,and the size of the cardboard should match the size of the carton,so as to prevent slipping and dislocation during transportation.The purpose is that when the goods arrive at the foreign buyer's side,the other party will not break the contents of the carton by cutting the carton.

  4.Prepare two commercial invoices.

  On the commercial invoice,indicate:company name,description of goods name,unit price,quantity and total value.And add your own signature.This can facilitate customs declaration,as well as the buyer's inspection.

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