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What does FBA need to know about air and air freight

2019-05-22 11:40:18

What does FBA need to know about air and air cargo?The following is a detailed introduction to the following:

  1.When the consignor is required to consign the goods,he/she shall present his/her resident ID card or other valid ID card,fill in the"domestic cargo consignment"and complete the cargo consignment procedures with the carrier or his/her agent with necessary documents and information.

  2.If the carrier or his agent requires a letter of introduction or other valid proof,the shipper shall also provide it.

  3.A cargo consignment letter only limits the goods that one shipper consigns to one place and one consignee.Under the following circumstances,the same consignment note cannot be used to consign goods:

  a)Different transportation conditions;

  b)Goods with different freight rates;

  c)The nature of the goods is inconsistent;

  The American Express Line company believes that the contents,quantity and packing of the goods should be specified in the consignment.

  4.The carrier's machine agent shall carry out safety inspection or take other measures to ensure the transportation of all the goods collected and transported.All the goods loaded within 24 hours after collection and transportation shall be subject to open box inspection or security inspection instrument inspection.

  5.If the carrier considers it necessary,the carrier shall open the box to inspect the consigned goods and documents,but shall not undertake the obligation of inspection.

  6.Valid documents of goods transportation:

  a)Purchase invoice of goods;

  b)Quarantine certificate of goods to be quarantined;

  c)Transportation permit certificate and transfer certificate for restricting the transportation of goods;

  d)Technical description of chemicals provided by production department.Magnetic articles should be degaussed or antimagnetic measures should be taken

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  7.Receiving restrictions:

  a)Articles prohibited from transportation by the State shall not be accepted;

  b)Goods to be quarantined shall not be accepted without quarantine certificate;

  c)All passenger and cargo flights are prohibited to collect and transport dangerous goods;

  d)Oversized and overweight goods without suitable models are not acceptable;

  e)If the package of the goods is not suitable for air transportation,it shall not be accepted for the time being;

  The goods restricted in transportation shall not be accepted without the transportation permit certificate and the transportation transfer certificate

  8.For consignments of articles restricted by the government and goods that need to go through procedures with the public security and quarantine departments,valid certificates shall be attached.

  9.The weight,volume,package and mark of the goods consigned by the shipper shall comply with the relevant provisions of the carrier and comply with the national laws and regulations.

  10.Goods prohibited or restricted by the government,dangerous goods,valuables,confidential documents and materials,cash,etc.shall not be carried in the goods.

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