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What are the grades of American air freight rates

2019-05-22 11:40:18

  Are American air freight rates graded?What are the specific grades of us air freight prices?The following is a detailed introduction of MEDA Logistics:

  (1)Special cargo rate(SCR).

  It refers to a kind of special preferential freight rate given by airlines on a specific route for certain goods.There is a minimum weight(100kg)stipulated in the special freight rate.If the minimum weight of the specified goods is not reached,it can not be calculated according to this freight rate,because it is lower than the freight rate of ordinary goods.


  (2)Class cargo rate(CCR).

  It is only applicable to a small number of goods,such as:①live animals,boxes and cages containing live animals;②valuables;③corpses;④newspapers,magazines,books,catalogues,special equipment for the blind,deaf and dumb;⑤luggage checked as goods.It is usually calculated by adding or subtracting a certain percentage on the basis of"general freight rate",with a minimum weight of 5 kg.

  (3)General cargo rate(GCR).

  If the type of goods does not apply to the freight rate of special goods or grade goods,it should be charged according to the freight rate of general goods.In other words,the larger the weight of the goods,the lower the freight rate.

  The freight rate is divided into the above three types,and the freight is calculated according to one of them.If the two kinds of freight rates are applicable,the freight rate of special goods should be selected first,followed by the freight rate of grade goods,and then the freight rate of general goods.This is the general principle of selecting freight rate.

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