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What air freight forwarders need to know from customers

2020-07-14 16:36:52

  Air freight charges of different airlines are different,and the services they provide are also different.Those with lower air freight charges will be relatively longer in terms of timeliness.For flights with higher air freight charges,the time effectiveness is relatively faster.Therefore,when air freight sales agents quote to customers,they must understand the customer's truth For customers,it is recommended to inform the air cargo sales agent of the relevant requirements,especially the timeliness,so as to facilitate the agent to provide airlines that can match the relevant requirements for transportation.American air transportation company thinks that the manager should know the following eight basic information from the customer(Inquirer)in the inquiry era,and provide the freight rate and flight arrangement according to their requirements.

  1.Product name(whether it is dangerous goods or not,the transportation requirements of dangerous goods are different from those of ordinary goods)

  2.Weight and volume(size,including freight and whether it is light foam goods)

  3.Packaging(whether wooden case,pallet or not,select the appropriate flight and aircraft type according to the package)


  4.Destination airport

  5.Required time(direct non or transfer,customer time requirement)

  6.Required flights(service and price difference of each flight)

  7.Type of bill of lading

  8.Required transportation services(customs declaration method,agent documents,customs clearance and delivery,etc.)

  Note:according to the different types of packaging to provide appropriate flight arrangements.

  The United States special line air transportation company meianda logistics small editor for you to share here,I hope to help you.If you need this kind of business,you can contact us.


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