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What are the categories of American special lines

2020-07-14 16:36:52

  American special line refers to the special route from China to the United States,which realizes the international express and logistics business between the two places.American Express line is a special route independently developed by domestic express delivery and logistics.It is a door-to-door express service that exports from China to the United States or imports from the United States to China.American Express line has the advantages of fast time,low price and smooth customs clearance.Guangzhou to the United States to about 4-5 working days(except weekends).American special line shipping company Midas said its classification is as follows:

  American ocean special line

  LCL of American bulk cargo refers to the cargo that is less than the volume or weight of a full container.That is to say,the cargo that needs two or more batches to be loaded in one container is called LCL,and more than three bills are assembled into one container.

  U.S.container refers to a batch of cargo that reaches 75%or more of the volume of one or more containers or 95%or more of the load weight of the container.From the consignor's warehouse or factory warehouse to the consignee's warehouse or factory warehouse,one container or more than one container per ticket.


  American airlift line

  The United States air transport special line refers to the one-stop service of loading containers,processing documents and exporting customs clearance,import customs clearance and unpacking,delivery and signing,including customs declaration and inspection,warehousing and distribution,cargo insurance,document processing and other logistics services,domestic and overseas double customs clearance,including export,including import of destination countries,and tax package.

  American Express

  American Express is relying on the geographical,economic,policy,trade and other environmental advantages of the United States,through a variety of forms of logistics transfer,to provide sea,land,air,warehousing,customs declaration,insurance and other international logistics services.Among them,Guangzhou Export to the United States is the main logistics form of the United States special line,which provides convenient logistics form for domestic enterprises to earn foreign exchange through export and purchase of international raw materials,advanced equipment and high-end products.As the hub of import and export trade,domestic manufacturers and import and export companies need to be supervised by the customs and obtain effective customs clearance documents before they can be released.

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