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Four logistics systems of cross border platform

2020-07-14 16:36:52

  At present,the cross-border platform mainly has the following four logistics systems:Postal Logistics,commercial express,special line logistics and overseas warehouse.Let's take a look at the three logistics systems of commercial express,special line logistics and overseas warehouse.

  Commercial express refers to the door-to-door express delivery and logistics business between two or more countries(regions).Fast delivery,wide distribution range,door-to-door service and strong customs clearance capability.Famous international express delivery companies include DHL,FedEx,ups and TNT.

  Special line logistics is a kind of logistics service which is independently developed by logistics service providers(freight forwarders).It is a kind of logistics service which is transported from the origin to the destination country(region)by sea,land and air.It has the characteristics of fast delivery,high cost performance and smooth customs clearance.

  Overseas warehouse is the warehouse where the merchant delivers the merchant to the overseas warehouse in advance for storage.After the user places an order,the goods will be delivered directly from the overseas warehouse,so the logistics time will be greatly shortened,and the timeliness will be more guaranteed.


  Next,the United States Air Transport Company Midas logistics to introduce the Postal Logistics:Postal Logistics can be divided into China Post and international post.Among them,postal packet,international e-mail and EMS are the logistics products with high frequency used by small and medium-sized sellers on the platform.

  China Post packet:it refers to the air mail products launched by China Post for small items less than 2kg,which can be sent to 241 countries or regions in the world,including two services of registration and peace mail(live products cannot be delivered).

  Compared with ordinary mail,registration needs to charge a certain registration fee and can provide the whole process information of some countries.On the contrary,the speed of domestic freight forwarding is relatively low.There are four kinds of freight forwarding agent system.It is characterized by abundant logistics products,convenient collection and certain bargaining space.

  International Post:small package international postal packet refers to the international parcel of postal aviation in other countries other than China,including two kinds of services:surface mail and registration.The bigger advantage of international postal packets is that they can deliver some electrified products.

  E-mail:e-mail is an economical air mail service specially tailored for Chinese merchants for light and small articles.At present,it has provided distribution services in more than 32 countries(regions),and can provide logistics tracking information throughout the whole process.The average delivery time of the whole route in the United States is generally about 7 natural days.

  International EMS:international EMS is a special postal service jointly operated by postal administrations of various countries or regions.Therefore,it enjoys priority in customs and aviation departments.It has strong customs clearance capability,fast delivery and no fuel surcharge.

  If you want to know FedEx Express to the United States,UPS express to the United States,EMS express to the United States and other content,you can call this website telephone,consult us.

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