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What are the steps for international express delivery to foreign countries

2020-07-14 16:36:52

  International express and domestic express,is to make an invoice for import and export customs declaration.Face list and invoice should be filled in English.American FBA airlift special line company has learned that basic things can be sent abroad.You can directly find express company or transfer company.My suggestion is to find a transshipment company.Product information is very important.Product information,including the specific product,actual weight,size,country to which it is sent,what is the requirement for timeliness,and with this information,you can choose The advantages and disadvantages of each express company are different.The advantages and disadvantages of each company are reflected in the weight section,destination country,customs clearance ability,local delivery system and so on.Therefore,only when the sender gives the above information,the professional freight forwarder will give a better solution with the express company.

  American air transport company Amada logistics to share the specific steps of sending international express goods to foreign countries:

  1.First contact the international express staff,give the name,weight,outer package size,battery,powder and other information of the goods,as well as the destination country,city and postcode.The international express agent will give the specific price.If the delivery is confirmed,confirm the domestic warehouse address.

  2.Prepare your own goods and pack them well.It is suggested to use hard cartons to prevent the damage of long-distance transportation boxes.Then,the goods should be delivered to the international express agent warehouse.If the goods are purchased online,they can be delivered directly to the designated international express warehouse through the seller.


  3.After receiving the goods,the international express express delivery warehouse shall provide the foreign receiving information in English(country,city,postcode,telephone,addressee and specific address).

  4.According to the information provided by the customer,the international express express agent is ready to deliver the goods.

  5.Weighing-→payment→delivery→destination country→customs clearance→delivery→sign in.

  6.After the goods are delivered,the delivery order number will be sent to the sender,and the order number can be inquired on the official website(DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT,EMS).

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