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What should be considered when choosing an international freight forwarder

2020-07-14 16:36:52

  There are many international forwarders.How can we choose?What aspects should be considered?American shipping company Midas logistics will introduce you to the following:

  1:Examine the size of the company

  First of all,we need to consider the scale of international freight forwarders,because there are so many freight forwarders in the market that everyone can apply for the right of agency,but only large-scale agency companies can be in more emergencies for consumers.Therefore,we should check whether they have regular channels and whether the prices charged by each channel are consistent.Of course,we should go to China in advance International Freight Forwarders visit to see if many customers give them good feedback.



  2:Judge whether the price is reasonable

  Although the service is much higher than the price for goods transportation,if the price quoted by an international freight forwarder is far lower than the price of regular channels in the market,it is necessary to carefully compare their channels to see whether they are regular or whether there are notes on various aspects.

  3:Survey service attitude

  Because in the face of the whole situation of the goods,we need to have patient professionals to serve us,so we should choose the international freight forwarding agents with good service attitude.They not only have the professional freight forwarding knowledge,but also can inform the precautions of the goods in advance when the sales personnel talk business with foreign people,so it is more important for the sales personnel to get the order.

  American special line shipping companies also believe that the role of international freight forwarders in international trade is very important.They should not only serve the consignors,but also serve the customs.Therefore,they need to refer to such matters as cargo transportation,warehousing and loading and unloading,so we must make more investigations and select suitable international freight forwarding companies.

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