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What are the international express companies

2020-07-14 17:16:25

  International express refers to the express delivery and logistics business carried out between two or more countries(or regions).The delivery business of letters,commercial documents and articles between countries(or regions)is a mode of transportation in which the express is inspected and released through the border ports and customs between countries.After the international express arrives at the destination country,it needs to be re transshipped in the destination country before the express can be delivered to the destination.

  DHL express to the United States,for example:for example,Italy has a company specializing in clothing,it has 5000 exclusive stores,distributed in 60 countries,and sells about 50 million pieces of clothing every year.It is headquartered in Italy and all work is done through 80 agents.If a store finds that a certain style of clothing needs to be replenished,it will immediately notify a designated agent,who will immediately inform the Italian headquarters of this information.The headquarters will then feed back this information to the international express distribution center.The distribution center will pack,assemble and deliver the goods within a certain period of time according to the demand of the exclusive store.The whole express delivery process can be completed in a week.


  American Express company has a common understanding of the United States:

  DHL international express:the service and time limit are guaranteed.The normal customs clearance of flights to the United States can be received in 2-3 working days,and the volume weight(length*width*height/5000)needs to be calculated.

  UPS international express and FedEx international express:the timeliness and price of DHL are almost the same,and the volume and weight should be calculated,but the private address fee needs to be charged.

  EMS international express:unilateral no more than 60cm,no need to calculate the volume and weight,directly charge according to the actual weight,there is no requirement on the timeliness to choose,to the United States at least one week.

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