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You know what? Amazon FBA products will be banned!

2020-09-30 17:15:25

  FBA is an indispensable and important channel for many Amazon sellers,and it is also a place that every seller must know in detail.What are the key points to know when using Amazon FBA?It is understood that FBA,also known as"Amazon logistics distribution"in our daily life,refers to Amazon buyers providing high standard warehousing,picking up,packaging,distribution,collection,customer service and return services.By using Amazon logistics,sellers can focus on sales without having to spend time and effort on logistics distribution and customer service.Fedex express to the U.S.company learned that for Amazon novice sellers,FBA related three labels can not be unknown,they are:commodity label,shipment label,pallet label.

  (1)Commodity label:also known as fnscu,it is the label beginning with Xoo,which must cover the original barcode of the commodity.

  (2)Shipment label:it refers to the label posted on the outer box of the package,indicating a shipment ID:fbaxxxxxx.A shipment number may have more than one box,which will be reflected in u001 and u002 of the shipment number.

  (3)Pallet label:it means that the following pallet labels should be pasted on all four sides of a pallet.There are 4 pallet labels,similar to the above cargo labels.It is worth mentioning that pallet tags are only used during shipping.What kind of product packaging is qualified?

  1、Essential fnsku:

  First of all,each product's outer package should be pasted with the corresponding fnsku barcode;then,each product must also have a scanning barcode or label that is easy to view;then,remove or cover the scannable barcode on the outside of the carton containing multiple products.Industry insiders stressed that the packaging of container goods must be double sealed to prevent leakage of liquid or powder.In addition,for fragile goods,bubble film should be used for packaging,and in the packaging of textile goods,sealed bags with suffocation warning labels should be used.

  2、Carton packaging requirements:

  (1)Carton size:the size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm,unless the size of a single piece of merchandise exceeds 63.5cm.Of course,if the size of any side of the carton is more than 63.5cm,Amazon will require it to be placed on a tray of 1mx1.25m,unless the size of the carton itself exceeds the size of the standard pallet.

  (2)Carton stacking:can not use packing belt,elastic belt,tape,additional packing belt binding.Also can not use large staples or nylon fiber tape,which will pose a great threat to the safety of warehouse staff,therefore,cartons must use standard pallet stacking requirements.

  (3)Carton weight:first,multiple cartons are determined to be sold together(e.g.suits).If the weight is more than 45kg,it must be placed on a single pallet.In other words,a commodity sold must correspond to a pallet.Secondly,if the weight of single carton goods(such as furniture)is more than 45kg,they usually need to be palletized.Therefore,Amazon sellers should not send cartons of the same size as the pallet.So,which products will be restricted by Amazon?

  Example 1:finished cosmetics(such as perfume and nail polish),it is understood that finished cosmetics are not subject to the regulation of product composition information table,but additional information is required to correctly classify the goods and ensure that they meet the requirements for storage and transportation of these commodities.

  Example 2:for non dangerous goods,if the goods are under dangerous goods audit,but the seller thinks that the goods are non dangerous goods,they will also be restricted by Amazon.

  Example 3:products containing magnetic materials include iron metal products(such as loudspeakers and subwoofers),which will be restricted by air transportation.According to the analysis of the industry,this is because the magnetic field strength may damage aircraft related equipment.

  There is no doubt that commodities containing lithium batteries will be prohibited from entering the warehouse by Amazon,and lithium batteries will also be classified as dangerous goods.For most of the current consumer products,MSDS is not required to exceed 11.02 lbs.The industry added that additional information is still needed to properly classify the goods and ensure that the requirements for storing and transporting them are met.

  How is the FBA fee calculated?The following is a brief introduction from the editor of American special line company,Midas

  Amazon logistics distribution costs include two aspects:one is the distribution costs,the other is the monthly storage costs.The details are as follows:



  According to industry insiders,Amazon will further adjust its logistics warehouse from August 15.Sellers need to pay attention to the fact that if some products have been stored for more than six months,Amazon will charge 10 times the storage fee.Therefore,the seller's friends should clear some unsalable products before August 15 to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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