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What are the methods to inquire about the international moving price

2020-10-19 10:00:57

  If we move abroad,how do we know the price of moving?The following methods are shared by the United States Maritime special line meianda logistics section:

  1:Before understanding the specific price,we should also understand the composition of international moving expenses.In international moving,the expenses are generally divided into:fixed expenses and floating expenses.

  The fixed charges refer to the following items in the contract:packing expenses,inland transportation expenses,ocean transportation expenses,customs declaration and customs clearance fees at the departure destination,port charges,and service charges at the destination.

  Floating expenses refer to the expenses that may be incurred,such as customs inspection fees,fumigation costs,and unexpected labor costs(such as the destination has no elevator,the community is not allowed to enter the car,and workers need to transport by foot truck,which needs to be charged separately).

  2:How to get international moving price

  Method 1:online inquiry

  There is a self-service inquiry system on the official website of many international moving companies.As long as you enter various information according to the above prompts,you can get a charging scheme.However,these schemes are not very detailed and can only provide a reference price.


  Method 2:telephone consultation

  You can call the official telephone number of the international moving company to explain your needs clearly,such as where to move,what things to transport,when to move,etc.the staff of professional international moving company will provide a relatively accurate quotation scheme according to the information you provide.If you want to get more accurate price,you need to make an appointment for on-site evaluation service.

  Method 3:ask the user

  You can consult some relatives and friends who have used the international moving service.You can not only get a price scheme,but also get some service evaluation about the moving company,which can also be used as a reference for choosing an international moving company.

  The above content is to query the price details of international move,I hope it can help you.We can contact you by air to USA if you need.

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